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Castinox S.A.: Stainless steel foundry (Amurrio)

We have been manufacturing castings in stainless steels and special alloys since 1993. Castinox is a company of reference in the steel cast industry, with more than 25 years’ experience. Technology, innovation, and an adaptable management system to provide the best service in the production of steel castings.

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Castinox S.A: 25 years’ international experience

We specialise in the manufacturing of stainless steels and special alloy castings

Castinox S.A.

Castinox S.A. is a foundry that was established in 1993, specialising in the manufacturing of castings in stainless steels and special alloys (Ni-based, Co-based, refractory steels, etc.) Our team has extensive experience in metallurgy and deep technical knowledge, which enables Castinox to have an adaptable management system to meet the most demanding international specifications.

Castinox S.A has become a company of reference in the cast-steel industry due to the quality policies implemented by the company and its team’s commitment. For these reasons, we always meet our clients’ demands and government demand.

Why choose Castinox?

Castinox has the endorsement of a wide range of quality certificates supported by various international inspection and rating agencies.
Since it started operating, Castinox S.A. has supplied many and various industries, exporting most of its casting production to Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, etc.
Our means of production are continually renewed, and we make annual investments in new equipment and ongoing revisions to adapt to your needs.
Castinox specialises in manufacturing by chemically bonded sand moulding, with a range of weights per casting that goes from 1 kg to 2,300 kg (according to the casting geometry)

Management and Quality Policies aimed at permanent improvement

At Castinox, we are aware of how important a good management system is, a system that engages the company with the human team and with the quality we offer to our clients. Castinox’s Management leads, drives and maintains the Permanent Improvement Policy, providing the human and materials resources necessary to guarantee that it is fulfilled.
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